Keto Coffee

Enjoy the deliciously smooth flavour of our Single Shot Coffee with natural Keto ingredients for a taste you’ll love, and the boost you need.

Collagen Kombucha

Our all natural fermented kombucha contains over 5 billion probiotics and 4.5G of marine collagen per serving. The perfect combination of refreshing tropical flavours and proven functional ingredients to give your body exactly what it needs, and nothing else.


"I love the protein water, the taste is really good and doesn't feel too heavy on my stomach like most protein drinks. It has been the perfect addition to my workouts. I love the pink grapefruit, it taste amazing!"
Brenda F.


"Gold Coast has been such a great addition to my workout, I drink the clear protein water after spin class. It's nice and light and doesn't feel heavy like a protein shake, and because it's clear it's a nice refreshing drink, about as close to water as you can get. Highly recommend to anyone looking to step up their protein intake."
Sarah D.


"Out of all the protein drinks I've had, Gold Coast beats them all. It's refreshing and light and I love that even though all the ingredients are there, I can't taste anything but tropical."
Erica F.

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